Your Virtual Assistant: Weekly Round-Up No. 2

I just started the Weekly Round-up and have been ironing out the process of how I’m going to do this. Since I have been trying to write my blog posts on Sunday for the upcoming week I had to tweak this second weekly round-up a tad from the first one I sent out last week. My apologies for this round-up being a tad skimpy due to the date adjustment.

At the end of the post I share two recipes from my two favorite foodies on Twitter @SusanPowers and @HeartOfCooking.


Use Wisestamp to add social media icons to your email signature: If you’ve been wanting to know how to add social media icons to your email signature – look no further. The only thing I am not sure of is if these instructions will work for Entourage (Mac’s “version” of Outlook so if you have a Mac and get these instructions to work for Mac will you be so kind as to add in a comment on the post about it?)

WordPress & Website Tips:

20 #WordPress Plugins I would die without! – the title is pretty self-explanatory and this post had been scheduled to go out and right before I read it I ran across a post from @ExtremeJohn who gave me new ones as well.

Last Week’s Round-Up:

Three Twitter tools to more effectively manage your followers. As you grow on Twitter having great tools to clean “house” becomes more important. In this post I list my three favorite tools (two new and one “old”).

Excel How To Tip: How to Combine Data from two different cells into one If you work with Excel frequently you may have encountered the need to take data that is in two cells and combine it into one (for example “merging” first and last name into one cell).

As my first year as a Virtual Assistant has now come and gone in conjunction with Thanksgiving I reflect on my first year in business as well as a separate post publicly thanking all of the people I’ve met through Twitter who have brought value and kindness into my life.

I am a social media addict and Alex Mandossian’s business card suggestion resulted in a Social Media encounter with @JosephRanseth that had me really delighted (and this post is really only part of the story!)

And last but not least why I’m now doing a Weekly Round-Up.

Upcoming posts:

  • Launch of a new e-book I co-authored with three other Virtual Assistants: “Leveraging YOUR Power Through Twitter”.  (a special give-away is announced on this post so make sure to check back)
  • How Twitter lists can give you an incredible high!
  • What is in your library?
  • Building my blogging community

Favorite Foodie Recipes:

From RawMazing: Walnut Cranberry Crackers


Have you been wondering "How Do I Start A Virtual Assistant Business? or "How To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?".

  • Mike@moving services

    Very cool stuff in here. I especially like WiseStamp, I’ll be using that from now on. Thanks! -Mike

  • Dawn

    Liking the weekly round-up Michelle – for me it is so much easier when I play catch up reading blogs on the weekend!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Dawn – thanks for the comment! I created an Excel spreadsheet so I can be sure I don’t miss my favorite blogs…I do wish more people had an option of just getting one email with all their posts so I could get all their goodies without getting them every day. :-) (because I will win this war with my email inbox yet!)