Using story and video to create an emotional customer experience

Leaping away from my mistakes has propelled me forward. It has great force behind it. It makes for great storytelling. – Holly Near

Who is the most compelling example of creating an emotional experience? Hint – “Come Experience the Magic!”

Bill Gibeault with Story Mavericks in Saratoga Springs, NY has been assisting his customers deliver an emotional customer experience in ways different than most business owners since 1987.

Intense studying and implementation of The Experience Economy, Storytelling and Authenticity has allowed Bill achieve success by assisting business owners develop their back story (how you got to where you are now) and design their emotional customer experience.

Currently there are a lot of people and businesses scared they won’t make it another week, month or year….are you one of those companies? How can you set yourself apart from the competition? Can you afford mediocrity?

Are you competing only on price?

Remember when it used to cost $10,000 or more to get a website done? The huge influx of service providers and freelancers has pushed the prices way down. This week I was tweeting about a great deal to get an entire WordPress site for only $350! A limited time offer for what is normally only $1197. If you hop over to Dawud’s page you will see an example of being authentic. He tells you right on his sales page why he’s offering the websites at such an unbelievable price of only $350.

I remember when I first started as a Virtual Assistant how I was spending an insane amount of hours carefully drafting custom proposals to job postings on Elance, Guru and ODesk. All of the sudden one day I realized did I really want to compete with the guy overseas who can afford and is willing to work for only $.68 an hour? Yeah, I live in a tiny Midwestern town called Neenah, WI with a fairly low cost of living but I can’t even buy a pack of gum for $.68, much less pay the mortgage.

Are you Authentic?

Another great example of authenticity is a recent post on CopyBlogger. Read Confessions of a Comment Addict. Within that post he references a previous post he did on his financial situation. I was emotionally engaged with him as he tells his back story in that post and freely expresses his frustration with the real estate market. (yeah, I have one of those properties too).

The point is we all have to differentiate ourselves somehow…we have to dare to be different.

  • Do you have a back story posted on your website?
  • Are you using video to create an emotional experience with your customers?
  • How do you set yourself apart from others in your field?
  • Are you slashing your prices in hopes that will set you apart?

When you work with Bill he is going to cause you to stretch and define these areas of your business:

  1. Be Different – how are you different?
  2. Engage – how do you engage your customers?
  3. Extend the experience – in what ways do you extend the experience?

If you enjoy reading the books below will germinate ideas:

Bill is one of only a handful of people who has been received National Certification for the Pine & Gilmore Experience Economy. He is a warm and generous person who is dedicated to helping you take your business to that next level. Story Mavericks has a number of video clips that you can view here.

Let video and your back story begin the emotional experience.

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