“Michelle has such a knack for taking what little direction I give her and producing a great result every time. She is very responsive and works so quickly that her services are a bargain. I have thrown varied tasks her way and she always simply grabs them and completes them. I wish everyone worked this well.” - John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

Getting More from Twitter Starts with Asking for Help from Mark Gehrke on Vimeo.

“Michelle is everything you want in a VA. I was only able to check off three items in LInkedIn, but in addition to providing great results, delivering on-time projects and having high integrity, she brought so much more to the table when I hired her. Her attention to detail is second to none. She is an expert in her areas of administrative execution and related technical support. Michelle helped me with aweber email management, newsletter distribution, landing page web setup, webinar creation and marketing, social media campaigns, 1shopping cart set up and maintenance and so much more, I recommend Michelle to any small business owner needing help with these areas. She is worth every penny and saved me countless hours of technical frustration so I can focus on growing my business–which I gladly did!!” - Lisa Rangel, Chameleon Resumes

“Michelle has been my bookkeeper for a few years now and I have only positive things to say about her. Not only is she great at her job, she is also always there to give advice and provide feedback so that the best result is achieved. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a bookkeeper.” - Ceci Dadisman, Go To Gal Marketing

“Michelle was introduced to me as an “exceptional virtual assistant” via one of her clients whom I respect as a top-notch professional. So my expectations were very high. I was told that Michelle can assist me with those things that I am not good at and therefore hate doing. So in theory, in my mind there was a logical match. And then I contacted Michelle. From that initial conversation when I interviewed her I realized that I found gold. Within a few months of working with her I came to realize that she is much more than gold! And she is proving this to me every single day. I like her efficiency, her thoroughness, her fairness and her sense of humor. Throughout my long career I always had great assistants but now with her I reached the top. She is the best and I am more than highly recommending her to all my colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Please reach out to me and I will tell you even more great things about the benefits she brings to my productivity. - Alex Freund, Landing Expert

“What can I say about Michelle that hasn’t already been said? She is an absolute pro, and a pleasure to work with. Everything she does she does efficiently and with a smile. I love working with her because I know what to expect — always the best!” - Allison Nazarian, Allison Nazarian

“I love working with Michelle. She is refreshingly real and offers advanced solutions to your problems that can save you money. We hired her to help us with our QuickBooks and have been so grateful for some of her solutions, which save us a tremendous amount of time with our billing. I honestly am blown away at how responsive she is and how organized. Michelle is also a huge asset and promoter of our company. If she believes in what you are doing don’t be surprised if she makes a post on her twitter feed (which consists of thousands of loyal followers) or a blog post about what she likes about your business. Michelle is the type of person that will go out of her way to make a positive impact for those that help her and for that I can only begin to thank her for. Random acts of kindness go along way! If you are looking for anything VA related or help with your QuickBooks, billing solutions (just to name a few) absolutely give Michelle a chance at your business and I promise you will be ecstatic at what she can help you with! 100% Recommended.” – Cody Muenster, Passing Leads

“Michelle just finished creating an updated Powerpoint presentation for me and did a beautiful job! It was substantive, nicely designed, and delivered before the deadline… Michelle is personable, efficient, knowledgeable. I have used her services before and will use them again I am sure!” - Donna Baier Stein, Tiferet Journal

“I always seem to throw curve balls at Michelle. Lucky for me, she has a large catcher’s mitt, and never gets flustered no matter how urgent a request, how little notice, or if it’s something she’s never done before. She can figure it out, is extremely flexible, and always delivers. I don’t know how she does it. In a nutshell: she’s a godsend. Hire her!” - Kat Jaibur

“FABULOUS! That is all I can say about Michelle’s services! Michelle is conscientious, hard working, organized, responsive, reliable, quick, personable, knowledgeable, a great communicator and knows her craft well! She is truly awesome and a pleasure to work with!” - Tricia Cardone, NH Healthy Living

“When my ‘simple’ surgery turned out to require a prolonged recovery, I entrusted Michelle with rescheduling a month’s worth of clients and radio show guests. She made sure everyone knew what was going on, and very capably got people re-booked for the future. Michelle also handled many new requests for appointments until I was back on my feet. I retained all my bookings, and clients enjoyed their interactions with Michelle. I won’t hesitate to call on her again!” - Karen Hager, Fog City Psychic

“Michelle is reliable, fast, effective and detail oriented while being very personable, honest and super easy to work with. She is also very knowledgeable, always happy to learn something new and to present me with new ideas and opportunities that I did not know were possible.” - Sophie Lhoste, Attunements for the Soul

“I have most recently started using the services Michelle offers. Over a period of time I have noted there is actually not a lot she can’t do or won’t do. An individual who is a passionate about my business as I am – that is not easy to come by – an individual who will work round the clock to make things happen – Use her for your Website – Accounts – Personal Finances – Social Media – Excel spread sheets – the list goes on – you will not be disappointed” -Raggi Gandham, Hypnotherapist in London

“I hired Michelle after connecting with her on Twitter. Her talent and work ethic has been a huge asset to me and my business. I’m totally delighted and wish I had have met her years ago. I would recommend her services to anyone especially a solopreneur that tries to do it all.” - Linda Winterton, Life Force Health

“Working with Michelle is one of the BEST DECISIONS that I have ever made in my business!! Prior to meeting her, my head was filled with more ideas than I could ever put into practice – and it was reflecting in my results. With more potential than profit, I had lots of great ideas, but very little actual execution. Since hiring Michelle, all that has changed. Progress is made without me even thinking about it. I just tell her the vision in my mind, and she goes to work in making it happen. Always ahead of schedule, and always better than I could have ever done myself. She is not a Virtual Assistant – SHE IS A MIRACLE WORKER!” - Joseph Ranseth, Vine Multimedia

“Michelle continues to impress me with on-time and efficient completion of projects. I expect three things from a virtual assistant. First to listen to me explain the project and related tasks. Second to repeat back what I have assigned. Third to ask clarifying questions. Michelle does these three things every time and more often than not has exceeded my expectations in quality of work, timeliness of delivery, and less time to complete than I expected. I am able to easily communicate with Michelle and appreciate her rapid response to my emails and phone calls, as well as her ability to use my company’s project management site. Because Michelle is so efficient she is saving me money and I am able to assign more projects to her. I am sure others will benefit from her efficient and trustworthy service.” -Greg Friese, Everyday EMS Tips

“Michelle has continued to be a true asset to my business. She helps and manages all the little things that have continued to delay my projects and drain my day. Michelle is always available and is someone I wish I had in 2001 when I started my web development business. If you have a question about Quickbooks or just wish to say, “Here, you do this!” Michelle is the person you should contact.” - Jason Gegere, HTMLgraphic Designs

“Thank you – for your professionalism, your clarity, your kindness and your speed! There is a shrine being built in my office for you. I go there to give thanks each and every time you send me an email. I cannot believe how quickly and efficiently you are moving me through things I have been stuck with for more than a year.” -Amy Oscar, Sea of Miracles

“Michelle assisted me when I was installing Quickbooks 2009. She is very helpful and always willing to go the extra mile. When she didn’t have an answer, she sought one out until she found the answer. I really appreciate her diligence. Since the first time, she has continued to stay in touch and check up on me and how I’m doing. She clearly cares for people and lets them know that they mean something to her. If you need help with QuickBooks, see Michelle, she’s very knowledgeable, but if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find out! –Robyn Farley, Mally Designs Ltd (Canada)

“Michelle was a great discovery for me and my business. There is always worry of working with someone who isn’t local, but not in this case. She is one of the most trustworthy, efficient and driven people I know. I can’t thank her enough for the work she has done for me, saving me time and a ton of headaches – Michael Kak Varley, ProjectCenter (Phoenix, Arizona)

“Michelle is very unique. Fast, efficient, warm, friendly and a serious ‘get it done’ attitude all bundled into one package. Has a great reputation online as the “excel queen” with unparalleled Quickbooks skills. If she is not on your team you are not playing with a full deck!” – Robert Hay, Market Masters (Trinidad)

“Michelle is passionate about her profession and it shines through in the quality of her work and the treatment of her clients. Michelle’s knowledge of Quickbooks and Excel is astounding. She will stay on task until any glitch or issue is solved – she doesn’t give up. I have the pleasure of working with Michelle “virtually” just about every day, and her positive attitude never ceases to amaze me. I am honored to be in the same profession as Michelle, and look forward to collaborating with her far into the future.” – Marlene Eldemire, Mars Virtual Assistant (New Albany, Ohio)

“Michelle exemplifies the character and professionalism that any business owner would strive to have on their team. Always motivated to push beyond the baseline expectations and is known to give far more than ever asked to do. An indispensable team leader!!! – Laura Kennedy, Laura Kennedy Live (New York)

“Out of her many positive qualities, three stand out more than the rest. Michelle has a truly rare work ethic, always demonstrating initiative and a commitment to the project/company as if it were her own. She’s also highly organized, with an acute attention to detail. Lastly, how can one think Michelle Mangen and not think Excel wiz? Great person, great business partner. - Tim Gokhman, New Land Enterprises LLP (Milwaukee, WI)

“Michelle has helped me with turning my property rentals into a smooth care-free operation. Very knowledgeable and excellent advise on property management. Definitely a great value!”– Dave Anderson (Appleton, WI)

“Michelle has proven to be highly beneficial in assisting us to attract better tenants so we have less turnover and less vacancy in our properties. She has processed our rental applications, drafted leases, processed security deposit transmittals and prepared all year end documentation (bookkeeping) for our tax preparer for several years now. She customized our lease documents and forms to our specific needs. Additionally she walked us through the eviction process so we did not have to hire an attorney. The service we receive from Michelle has reduced our learning curve and increased our cash flow.” -Jake and Dan – Fox Valley Housing, LLC (Oshkosh, WI)

“Michelle was very helpful when I needed advice on dealing with renters. She was able to assist me with what forms I needed to complete and how to complete them. She advised me of deadlines that needed to be followed. I would recommend her to any landlord that wants to make their lives easier and know that they are maximizing their cash flow while reducing their exposure to lawsuits. She was very knowledgeable about the information I needed and advised me on how to make the lease we were using a better document to protect our property and interests.” -Wendy Scheels (Milwaukee, WI)

“I live in New York and purchased a condo in Milwaukee, WI as an investment property. Michelle handled everything for me during the three years I owned the condo. That included placing advertisements, securing tenants, all bookkeeping/accounting and move in/outs with tenants. Although I never met her face to face, I was confident that I had a great value with her services and I knew she sincerely cared about my investment and treated it as though it was her own.” -Yelena Glaz (Hewitt, NY)

“It has been my pleasure to have a working relationship with Michelle over the past eight years. She is a talented young lady who has high integrity, is trustworthy, dependable and sincere…I strongly recommend her services.” — Peter Gramoll, American Family (Milwaukee, WI)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle on residential, commercial and mixed-use real estate management portfolios for 5+ years. She has a sharp, quick, analytical mind with a strong memory and penchant for detail, cost-effectiveness and streamlining operations. She has a high level of integrity, is honest and completely trustworthy, with years of experience in the services she offers. She has my highest recommendation” – Phyllis Resop, President of Pentagon Property Management (Milwaukee, WI)

“I am the “second in command” at a real estate investment and development company in the Milwaukee Area. I have been employed in the accounting area of the firm for approximately 38 years. I have been acquainted with Michelle Mangen for approximately five years. Her employer and my employer have mutual investments. There have been numerous times that I have required and requested information from Michelle. She is always pleasant and does her best to provide me with the information I request a prompt fashion. She is involved both as an administrator and hands-on person in her present employment and can easily multi-task. I have found her to be detail oriented, straight-forward and honest.” -Pauline Adams, Van Buren Management (Milwaukee, WI)

“Michelle is an outstanding manager and person in general. Michelle has vast experience to back up her recommendations. She provides value in her fields of expertise. Michelle has always exceeded everyone’s expectations and she goes above and beyond to help your company without regard for personal enrichment or accolades.” — Renee Everett, Building Werks (Green Bay, WI) and EA Properties, LLC

“We have employed Michelle’s services for many small projects and are always impressed with her professionalism, attention to detail, and clear communication. It’s wonderful to have access to a resource like Your Virtual Assistant, so we don’t have to worry about whether or not a particular task will be completed successfully.”-Brian and Katie Kalish (Marshfield, WI)