Is YVA for me?

Your Virtual Assistant is the answer to obtaining more hours in your day.

You can be running your business more efficiently and I am here to help you achieve a greater work/life balance.

Social Media is here to stay yet many small business owners find it time consuming to maintain their presence on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Ning niche groups, etc: Together we will develop your social media marketing strategy. I can help maintain your presence and increase your “Know-Like-Trust” factor so you can experience a greater return of ROI (Return on Investment and Return of Influence).

If you are not tackling simple business administration tasks as quickly as you need to, and you’re entering the same data over and over, you need to organize your forms and templates to work for you, not against you.

You need to outsource your important business administrative tasks to a professional: Providing administrative, technical and creative services from my own office, I help you focus on the important areas of your business without worrying about the daily tasks.

If you’re stuck or struggling with your accounting processes, you’re not alone. Self-employed professionals, consultants and service providers often struggle to stay on top of their bookkeeping and payroll tasks, but get bogged down with the important tasks of generating leads and making sales.

Does it seem hard to find “good” help these days? With a Virtual Assistant there is no need to place expensive job ads and to spend time in the time consuming interviewing process.

Losing sight of the important things is not an option. With less time to spend with our children, maintain our fitness and health goals, and to pursue our hobbies and pleasures, we’re slowly becoming a workaholic society.

How YVA Can Help

By offering you cost-effective business administration solutions, I can help you concentrate your efforts where you realize the greatest income potential – the time you invest growing your business. Let a  Virtual Assistant handle the tasks that you don’t want or have time to.

Your Virtual Assistant offers Guaranteed Performance, so you can focus your attention on the 20% of activities that give you an 80% return on investment.

Your Virtual Assistant is a Sarasota, FL based administrative services company that specializes in Social Media, Bookkeeping/Payroll and Excel spreadsheet creation.