Michelle MangenWhether you are located down the street, within Sarasota County, FL, or elsewhere in the United States, I provide comprehensive services to every one of my clients.

Here is my bio in under 160 characters

Bookworm. Horse Lover. Single Mom. Six-Figure Virtual Assistant. Oldest of Seven. From the land of beer and cheese (aka WI) but now living in the Sunshine state. iTunes Addict.

The Long and More Serious Bio

I’m good with numbers, so the natural thing for me to do was pursue an education in accounting and to see what that career path had to offer. I trusted my skill and knew that it would lead me in the right direction.

Discovering My Desire to Help Businesses in Need

I spent six years working with a Milwaukee, WI based developer and property management company in upper management. Things weren’t always easy and the cliché goes, “necessity is the mother of all invention.” With a portfolio that grew faster than the existing staff and I could absorb, I was constantly challenged to determine quicker and better ways to deliver results with an ever-increasing workload. Fortunately, I’ve always been skilled in analyzing problems, quick to troubleshoot crises and deliver the best alternative solutions.

As I implement new solutions, I constantly revise and “tweak” them until the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I created Your Virtual Assistant so I can apply my knowledge in Accounting, Payroll and Excel and assist sole proprietors and small businesses by reducing the amount of time they spend on administrative and accounting tasks while helping them to achieve a better work/life balance.

I will provide you with efficient, cost-effective virtual assistant services and valuable resources to grow your business and realize your full potential.

Your Virtual Assistant’s office is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota, FL.