My Manifesto

  • I pledge to continually update my skills and offerings to stay competitive in this ever changing business world
  • With each new skill I promise to share my ideas and thoughts with you so you may leverage and grow your business
  • With your success comes my success and I will refer people to you as often as possible
  • I’m persistent (momma would say stubborn) and will relentlessly pursue the desired outcome
  • Honesty is always the best policy and if I feel we are not a good fit I will do my best to find you a suitable alternative

“True collaboration is give and take. True partnerships are founded in equality. Equality does not equal sameness. We don’t all bring the same resources or skills to the table, but we all bring something and we all need something.” – Michael Port

It’s all about thinking BIGGER about who you are and what you OFFER to the world – so start offering the world bigger things in the form of a new REVOLUTION in progress.