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Free Fun Droid Apps

Girls just want to have fun, right? Although I chose the black case for my Droid X there are a slew of colors available for those of us who like to show some style with “accessories”. I chose the sturdiest, most resilient case/cover since I often drop my phone, after all that is how my last phone died, it jumped out of the baby seat on the grocery shopping cart!

My Droid X has been completely “Michelle-ized” with my little handy folders based on categories of my apps and I  change my ringtone and wallpaper daily to suit my mood.

Fun Apps for Your Droid (Recipes, Sleeping, Exercise/Workout, etc.)

The list is endless, I haven’t downloaded but two games and that was an emergency situation when @PrimoAssistance’s little boy was antsy and needed a distraction when we went to Myakka State Park last week.

  • Gesture Search – a Google product and hands down, this is the one app I have found myself using most often, especially when it comes to finding someone in my 400+ phone contacts. Open this handy-dandy app and start writing on your screen and it will begin filtering, with every letter you write, the results. Settings can be changed to have it also find music, apps, etc.
  • CardioTrainer is a pretty darn cool app that will track your distance (via GPS) for workouts (in my case riding bike). It will also speak to you (I found the voice a little creepy so I turned it off after my first workout). Allows you to chose and play your desired music playlist for your workout.
  • Calorie Counter ~ I haven’t really gotten into this one yet as I just had it “Bumped” to me on Saturday as a practice “bump”. At this point all I’ve done is record my weight in there but it seems to have a lot of options.
  • I hate to cook, I really hate to cook but have been on a quest to do better ever since my son was diagnosed with liver disease and they say that a low-fat and low-sugar diet is essential so I found Healthy Recipes, Recipes BigOven and Epicurious (hopefully they will make cooking easier for me especially since Epicurious has a category called “I can barely cook”)
  • Google Goggles – scan pretty much anything and it will return a list of web listings (fun, not sure how practical it is though)
  • FetchIt Phone Finder- this will come in handy someday as I often put my phone on vibrate and later cannot locate it. Text yourself and it will start playing your ringtone until you locate your phone
  • Droid Light ~ helpful to make sure there are no alligators on the porch before I go out for a cigarette (I’m sure it has many other practical applications as well)
  • Sleep and Relax – has 16 or so “peaceful” sounds that you can mix and match to create your own customized night time sleeping music.
  • Craigslist Notifier ~ if you are big on watching for deals being posted on Craigslist this app will allow you to program a feed and almost instantly be notified when an item is posted matching your desired search phrase. In my case, I’m not much of a Craiglist watcher but am currently on the look out for a good, cheap patio set so I have found it quite practical
  • And last but not least, ending my list of my favorite free fun apps for the Droid, Beach and Coast Wallpapers. Features 75 beautiful wallpapers…easily will keep me addicted to changing my wallpaper daily and my phone, “Michelle-ized”.

If you missed any of the prior posts in the series you can find them below:

Rounding out this series will be Friday’s post with my selection of Misc. Apps – apps to save on battery life, location based and other misc ones that don’t really apply to any of the previous posts.


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  • http://www.redlineinteractive.com Calgary Web Design

    One of the early standout applications that I really like about droid is the Google Maps Navigation..it will provide you turn-by-turn directions and take note it’s re-calculation is quick and precise.

  • beginners woodworking

    I have also used the calorie counter, great app. You can find the foods nutritional information including fat, sugar, carbohydrates, cholesterol and more.
    Just started to use it myself I am still at the learning stage.

    Many Thanks

  • Roy Anderson

    Lotto awesome apps on here. I’m rocking a Droid X as well. Love it! Though it’s getting a bit sluggish responding to my requests (not all blisteringly fast like it was at first).

    • http://www.thevirtualasst.com Michelle Mangen

      I had to factory reset my Droid once. Since then it’s been fine and I haven’t noticed a speed issue (well, I do with Facebook but that is about it).

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