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Featured Virtual Assistant | Deb LambIntroducing our featured Virtual Assistant, Deb Lab of Your Everything Services:

What is YOUR story? How did you get started? My business actually arose from a horrific accident. My brother, Ted, was hurt in a work accident and was paralyzed. After a couple years in a rehab facility and nursing home, he was getting ready to move in with us. At that time I was working as a Technical Recruiter in the Aerospace & Defense Industry. While I loved my career, I was driving an hour one-way, every day. The amount of time I was away from home was at least 10-12 hours a day.

My mind was a constant struggle in trying to figure out how I was going to take care of Ted and continue working. How was I going to be in two places at the same time?

While Ted was in that rehab care facility, we took care of him on the weekends. We would go get him from the rehab facility and bring him to our house. He loved spending time with his family and we loved having him here with us. While he was with us on weekends I was trying to lift and move him from the couch to his wheelchair and pulled a muscle in my back. Eventually, that pulled muscle was ruptured and protruding discs and required surgery.

In 2006, I had the necessary surgery to repair those ruptured and protruding discs. I left my job for surgery knowing I was in for a long recovery and knowing I would never set foot in that building again.

As I began to recover and prepare for Ted to move in, I started thinking about how I could work from home to give me the flexibility in order to take care of Ted. I also had to make a living. I had to have an income. My business began as strictly a typing and transcription business. As I realized what my talents were, I then began to advertise as a Virtual Assistant. While I enjoyed doing that for some time, I quickly figured out there were things I did not enjoy doing.

I started doing some deep soul-searching into what my desires and passion truly were. I remember a question I came across while researching and learning everything I could about online businesses and how to figure out what you really enjoy doing. The question: What have your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues always complimented you on throughout your life and/or career? What did they say you were always good at doing

Shazamm! Writing!! That was truly a light-bulb moment and it changed the course of my business.

I was always selected to write everything in any of my business relationships and within my family. Whether it was cover letters, technology manuals, medical letters, personal notes, business letters, collections letters, or a heartfelt paragraph in a greeting card. Everyone always came to me for any sort of writing.

Your Everything Services was born as a Virtual Assistant business. I chose that name because I thought I would be doing it all. Now that name means a totally different thing. It means we are your everything services when it comes to any sort of web content writing. We live up to your expectations!

How long have you been in business? 6 Years

Describe your ideal client: My ideal client is a business owner who desires to be recognized as a leader in their industry. Those who don’t have time, knowledge or skills to write their website content using keywords and SEO. The busy, stressed out and flabbergasted entrepreneurs who need assistance creating articles and performing their article marketing strategies.  Anyone who has the passion and desire to be the best, competitive business owner with rocking content to dazzle, inspire and inform their readers.

Five things Deb does really well:

  1. Website and/or Blog Content
  2. Article Creation and Article Marketing
  3. EBook Revisions and Creation
  4. Social Media Content
  5. Press Releases

Do you subcontract work for other VAs? Yes. I currently have a Virtual Assistant who works with me daily; however, there are other things I outsource from time to time.

Connect with Deb:

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