Droid X Must Have Apps: Music

Music Apps You “Need” for your Droid

I’m going to start off by saying up until I got the Droid X last week I had no desire to have a SmartPhone. Calling and texting served me just fine on my “old” phone. After grocery shopping recently the phone jumped out of the baby seat and onto the floor. That was it for the screen; I headed off to Verizon to order a replacement phone, only to learn they no longer manufacture the phone I had. After some “salesmen speak” I walk out seriously considering the Droid X. I ordered it the next day and I’ve had it now for a week.

Day One: I spend three hours looking at and downloading apps

Day Two: Can’t figure out how to answer incoming calls. Figure that out. That evening spend another three hours with apps.

Day Three: Another three hours with apps ….and another night going to bed after 1 am

Day Four: First thing in the morning I discover my phone is reacting very slowly to all of my “requests”, all of my contacts have vanished, (can you say PANIC?!). Later that evening I do a factory reset and bless the Verizon Gods that have BackUp Assistant factory installed on the phone so I can easily restore all of my contacts.

Day Five until present…..my phone and I are getting along much better.

So without further ado this is the first of several posts I’ll have on my personal list of “Best Droid Apps”.

If you want to download the apps by using the barcodes on the page links below – first go to the market and download “Barcode Scanner” ~ using this app will make the installation of new apps much easier (wish I had known that before I let it suck 9 hours of my life down the drain).

Best Music Apps for Droid X

  • LastFm (similar to Pandora)
  • Shazam – ever hear a song on the radio or TV that you just “have to have”? With Shazam you just place your phone close to the music source and it will give you the artist and soundtrack name. From there you can share it multiple ways (in my case I email to myself so I can purchase on iTunes)
  • DoubleTwist – so you have all of your favorite songs in iTunes and don’t want to drop and drag them? Enter DoubleTwist. Somehow it magically works with the iTunes interface and via the phone’s USB cable you can sync all of your music, pictures, etc. to your Droid from your computer. For me, I have gigs and gigs of music on my hard drive so I only wanted to sync my current “favorites” playlist. I found the interace on DoubleTwist to be very similar in layout and functionality as iTunes.
  • Not truly music but if you want to download regular snippets of your favorite songs to put as custom ringtones for your friends, family or enemies the best one out there, hands down, is Ringtones.

On the note of DoubleTwist – I find using their search tool for the Android Market better than the direct link.

If anyone reading this has worked with Amazon’s MP3 downloader app (the one that is factory installed on the phone) could you possibly tell me where the free song of the day goes once downloaded? I can’t seem to find it.

Music lovers…what are your favorite music apps for the Droid X and why?

Stop by later to read my post on the best Social Media Apps for the Droid.


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  • http://artistpr.com Jack@Best way to promote your music

    First thing to do to improve battery life is to ignore the recommendation for a task manager. Get a task manager to close down any buggy or runaway tasks, but never close any app in the background that is running normally, and most definitely NEVER use an auto task killer. It will use more battery and CPU in the long run. That is the most misunderstood thing about Android. If you want more detail search for the official blog post form google, or the many articles out there explaining why to not use task managers.

    • http://www.thevirtualasst.com Michelle Mangen


      Actually since I wrote that post I found out from a rep at Verizon that I shouldn’t use the App Killer or Juice Defender. And (as much as I hate to admit it) he was right. Since I uninstalled those two apps on my Droid X my battery life has actually been better.

  • KathyB

    Thanks so much for this posting.  I am still trying to find that ‘AHA’ feature with my new Droid Charge.  I have been seriously missing my Blackberry.