DoFollow, Keyword Luv & CommentLuv

DoFollow, Keyword Luv and Comment Luv on WordPress

Do you have CommentLuv installed?

One of my favorite ways to find new blogs to read is by visiting other sites who have CommentLuv installed and clicking through to a post from someone else who has commented. Another reason why I like this particular plugin is because it gives the people commenting on my posts a way to link one of their recent posts to their comment.

If you sign up at their site you have the ability to link one of your last 10 blog posts when commenting on a site that has CommentLuv installed. There are other benefits of registering at their site as well….read all about it by visiting the site (and Andy is super nice too).

Keyword Luv

I’m not exactly sure how I found this plugin but it was definitely through another site that has it installed and I thought it was a great idea.

Now when you comment on my blog you can put in Your Name @ Your Keywords and that will show in the name field.

For example: if I comment on someone else’s blog with Keyword Luv installed I put in my name as: Michelle @ Your Virtual Assistant

Isn’t that fun? Take advantage Keyword Luv when you comment on my posts!


I’m all about sharing what I have so I recently made the decision to make my site “DoFollow” with the quick install of this plugin and added myself to these DoFollow Blog directories:

  • DoFollow Blog Directory (though it’s somewhat difficult t find yourself once you are there)
  • DoFollow Directory (this one is very easy to find yourself in)

So what does this all mean?

  1. I’m getting more visitors than I did in the past
  2. I’m getting more comments on  my posts (and hope to get many, many more)
  3. I’m getting a bit more spam but Askimet still does a great job of catching a lot of it!

What this means for you – when you comment on my blog you get extra exposure and I’m fostering a reciprocal environment.

I’d love to hear of your experiences with any or all of these on your site.

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  • Gail @ Social Media Marketing

    I am thrilled that you are now using both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. We are big fans of both and use them on all our blogs. I can come back and tell you where they are if you like.

    Have you seen my dofollow lists and tools? That post stays in my Most Popular section all the time.

    I have some links I want to send your way. I’m guessing virtual assistant would be a good phrase to link; however, if you will send me your preferred anchor text and pages I will use them whenever I link to your blog. (See the post I’ve featured in CommentLuv for details.)
    .-= Gail @ Social Media Marketing´s last blog ..Are You Playing Hide and Seek With Your Market? =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Gail – you are just super, duper! I’ll look at your DoFollow lists and tools this weekend when I delve into the other stuff.

      Virtual Assistant and / or Social Media Virtual Assistant would both be great anchor text phrases for me. Thanks so much for asking. I so appreciate that!

      • Gail @ Support Small Businesses

        I just wanted to pop into this post again to mention my new post about KeywordLuv that highlights some of my favorite dofollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv enabled blogs.

        That KeywordLuv post (CommentLuv featured in this comment) also has some great information and links about CommentLuv.
        .-= Gail @ Support Small Businesses´s last blog ..KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

        • Michelle Mangen

          Gail – I love that you are taking time out to keep me updated – I’ll be heading over to your post in a moment!

          • Alyssa row

            Nice site. Commentluv is looking awesome. Gail is doing fabulous Work. I’m love it. 

  • Mark @ Mandala Life Media

    Comment love is great. Trying out keyword luv and Do Follow
    .-= Mark @ Mandala Life Media´s last blog ..Business Finds You on Twitter =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Mark – I totally love CommentLuv. Once you install DF and KWL let me know what increase you see in traffic.

  • Justin@Learn WordPress

    Thanks for the awesome post. I was just looking for some KeywordLuv blogs and happened to come across this one.
    .-= Justin@Learn WordPress´s last blog ..New Features Of WordPress 2.9 =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Justin – have you played with the search engine on the CL site yet? I haven’t but it looks pretty cool. Andy is always up to great things over there.

  • CJ Bowker

    Michelle, once again you are promoting a community and following. I thank you for your help and advice and look forward to a lot more. I have struggled slightly with the nofollow / dofollow decision. Is there any downside to dofollow? Why doesn’t everyone do it?
    .-= CJ Bowker´s last blog ..Impressions of a Sales Book =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Nice to see you by here again! I was just telling Vance that I think a lot of people don’t know that WP installs as No Follow by default. When I was doing my research project it seemed that the ones that openly spoke up as to why they were against it was because of the increased amount of spam (which Askimet does a pretty decent job of grabbing). Other than not knowing and increased spam….maybe they just don’t want to share the love!

  • Vance@Get Blog Traffic Commenting

    Hi Michelle,

    I use all the plug ins you mention in this post. Everything you say is true.

    But for some reason I get to choose from only 5 posts to display through Comment Luv but it could have something to do with the settings.

    If you know anything about that I’d appreciate your comment.

    Keyword Luv is to love because it gives people the links they want exactly for their targeted keywords. How cool is that?

    And do follow makes the above all valuable.

    I don’t understand why some people have Comment Luv installed and yet fail to turn off no follow.

    The Keyword Luv won’t work with the no follow on which is good.

    Now I have to check your 2 lists of do follow.

    And I also want to read your post on LinkedIn.

    .-= Vance@Get Blog Traffic Commenting´s last blog ..Get Blog Traffic Increase With Blog Comments =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Vance – it’s possible that people are not aware that by default WordPress sets up the blog as DoFollow. I initially wasn’t aware of it until I was doing a research project for a client on DoFollow and that’s how it came to my attention. I should have mentioned that in my post actually – come to think of it.

      Are you registered at CommentLuv with a profile on their site? I believe that’s all you have to do in order to be able to select from 10 recent posts. If not, hit up Andy over there. I emailed him once and he was great! He also has something available where you can buy credits to connect more than one blog to your CL profile so you can pick and chose which blogs you want to use in CL.

      • Vance@Increase Blog Traffic Commenting

        Hi Michelle,

        You’re right about that. Most people don’t know, at least initially.
        But some know and like it that way and even choose not to respond to comments about it.

        Some of them just don’t want to share I guess partly because they are misinformed.

        They think that by giving a link they are losing points with Google.

        It is a belief as misguided as the belief that if you link out to other sites you’ll lose something.

        These things aren’t a zero sum game but hat’s what many seem to believe and act accordingly.

        I’m registered at Comment Luv and with a profile.

        I’ll do as you suggest and I’m sure it will get resolved.

        At first I thought it could have something to do with my browser but I tried it with different computers and got the same result.

        .-= Vance@Increase Blog Traffic Commenting´s last blog ..Get Blog Traffic Increase With Blog Comments =-.

        • Vance@Learn Internet Marketing

          Hi Michelle,

          I just want to update you and your readers regarding
          the problem I had with the CL only displaying the last 5 posts to choose from instead of 10.

          It has been resolved.

          Andy helped suggesting that I look at my WP settings.

          I found that in Reading I had it set for only 5.

          After changing the setting to 10 everything is working as it’s supposed to.

          .-= Vance@Learn Internet Marketing´s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Marketing With Alex Las Vegas Workshop 2010 =-.

          • Michelle Mangen

            Vance – OH yeah!!!! Who would have thought that is what it was. Told you, Andy, is a great guy! Glad to hear you have 10 now like the rest of us!

  • olly@Guitar Tab Books

    I think keywordluv is also great as you get to coomunicate with a real person rather than a keyword! Makes it much more personal!

    I just hate the spam that you get though!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Thank goodness for Askimet with it’s patrol on spam!

      • Tom@Internet TV Software

        I only just added do-follow to my blog (with comment and keywordluv following soon, and already on a brand new blog I am getting quite a bit of SPAM. I have not installed askimet though – so thanks for the reminder!
        .-= Tom@Internet TV Software´s last blog ..Internet TV Software =-.

        • Michelle Mangen

          Tom – def get Askimet, it does a pretty darn good job of catching the spam. Every once in awhile a legit comment will end up in there so I do suggest still peeking at what is caught in their “bin”.

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  • Joe C

    Congrats on implementing the dofollow. I’m considering using commentluv on some of my blogs and Im interested in how it performs for you. Spam is obviously my major concern but then if it attracts alot of relevant discussion…


    • Michelle Mangen

      Joe – I think any tool that helps liven up or encourages discussion on the blog is well worth it. I’ve def seen an increase in comments (and I’m not huge like SITS girls or anything) since I’ve been using it.

  • Gabe |

    Although my site is DoFollow, I never submitted it to those directories. Perhaps that can make it on my to-do list tomorrow.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Gabe – they are both pretty small but extra exposure never hurts, right?

  • glaskörpertrübungen

    CommentLuv is a great Pluging, thaks for the great infos
    .-= glaskörpertrübungen´s last blog ..Glaskörpertrübungen, eine Leidensgeschichte? =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      You are welcome. What language is your blog in?

      • glaskörpertrübungen

        my blog is in German
        .-= glaskörpertrübungen´s last blog ..Glaskörpertrübungen, eine Leidensgeschichte? =-.

        • Michelle Mangen

          That would have been my guess but in the event I was wrong I didn’t want to look silly!

  • jake@interstate moving companies

    I’m a big fan of KeywordLuv. It does a great job of giving commenters a human touch that would previously not be available.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Jake – indeed it does give some human touch….though I look at it more as a way to allow people who comment on my blog to tout one of their favorite posts!

  • Bob@boat builders

    Installing these plug-ins do give an advantage for both the blog owner and the guest who comments. But making sure that all the comments are all the more necessary. It was nice reading the article.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Bob – all of these plugins def have an advantage for bloggers. :-)

  • lori

    Wow – great info in this article. I saved it to favorites to refer to later. Thanks, and I’m a follower!
    .-= lori´s last blog ..Penelope =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Lori – def was great to meet you via SITS! It really is one of my favorite sites and I only became aware of it because the developer at CommentLuv had them featured in his newsletter right before Xmas.

  • Sire@WassupBlog

    Way to go Michelle. I’ve been using these plugins for ages and have been dofollow since day one. It has helped a lot in getting people to comment, and while I do get some spam that akismet let’s through, it’s easy to delete or spam those comments.
    .-= Sire@WassupBlog´s last blog ..If Women Controlled The Earth =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Sire! Wassup? I still have to peek at your post that you had told me about before. I’ve been crazed the last few weeks with bookkeeping things for clients. I finally got all the 1099’s done today so I can catch up on the things I’ve set aside (like watching your video). I was unaware that WP was, by default, NoFollow. Do you know if changes were made in 2.9.1 that makes it easier to make your site a DoFollow or is using one of the plugins still necessary?

      • Sire@WassupBlog

        As far as I know the plugin is still necessary. You would think though that they would have made it an option by now wouldn’t you?
        .-= Sire@WassupBlog´s last blog ..Where The Bloody Hell Are You……. =-.

  • Gustav@ White Gold Diamond Anniversary Ring

    I had been doing nofollow on many of my blogs and they had very few comments. I read a few posts on the dofollow attribute and decided to give it a try, and now am glad that I did. I’m getting many more comments, so have decided to start converting more of my blogs. I use the dofollow plugin, as well as Keywordluv and Commentluv. I also read a post from a SEO guru who said that using the dofollow attribute would cause your site to have PR drain, and that your ranking would suffer. Well, I put up two sites using the dofollow, and within abour 45 days, they both had a PR 2. I also did no linking on either site, Maybe it was dumb luck, but who cares!!!
    .-= Gustav@ White Gold Diamond Anniversary Ring´s last blog ..Where Can I Find Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings? =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Gustav – I say the heck with losing Page Rank if it creates more of a community. But if someone was concerned with PR rank then maybe they’d want to re-consider. I’m at a PR3 and my site is just over a year old (though domain name has been registered longer than that).

  • Cindi @ Moomette’s Magnificents

    Very informative recap. I implement all of these on my blogs – Comment Luv (which is how I found your blog from Gayle at Grow Map), and my blogs are Do-Follow. Tonite I added KeywordLuv and really hope others will find out about it and do the same!
    .-= Cindi @ Moomette’s Magnificents´s last blog ..How To Get Paid to Write Every Day as a Ghostwriter =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Cindy – that is what I love about CommentLuv – makes it so easy to find other blogs that may be of interest. I’ve visited many just because the site I was at had CL installed. I’ll be sure to pop by your site…do you do ghost-writing?

  • Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend

    Haha! You sure are getting more comments! From 0 to 30 is PDG.

    I remember how it felt to not get any comments. Kinda sucked.

    .-= Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend´s last blog ..MasterMind Power III: The 5 Ws Of a Successful Mastermind Group =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Ah Dave – I always love to see you and horsey show up in my comments! I am doing good with comments and once I am past the rush of 1099 preparation for clients (which officially was finished today) I am going to be back in the swing of blog posting so I expect to get even more comments here in the future!

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  • CJ Bowker

    You inspired a new blog post from me. I did some research into dofollow and found a new plugin. I just blogged about it. Let me know what you think…
    .-= CJ Bowker´s last blog ..A different dofollow plugin =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      CJ – Oh I love to be inspiration on blog posts! I am def going to check out your blog. I want to know what cool new plugin you found!

  • Dan @ Tampa Homes For Sale

    Hey Michelle glad to see you using all three keyword luv, comment luv and do follow. You will quickly find many quality bloggers commenting on your blog that are part of the do follow community who actually care about making real networking relationships. Many of them have already commented on here I see. Keep up the good work.
    .-= Dan @ Tampa Homes For Sale´s last blog ..Tampa to receive recovery act grant money =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Hey there, Dan! Do you also use all three on your site?

  • fishing clubs

    Hey, thanks a lot for explaining the whole comment-luv/keyword luv thing. You’ve finally cleared things up for me.

    Oh, and sorry if this post looks spammy, I couldn’t figure out how to make my keywords appear next to my name.

    Keep up the informative posts.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Actually it’s really easy just write it in this format: Jim @ Fishing Clubs and it will work like a charm!

  • Ray@Curriculo

    Thanks for using dofollow, I use dofollow, keywordluv, comment luv and top commentators in my blogs

    • Michelle Mangen

      Ray – will def check out your site as well!

  • James@Photographer

    I recently joined the do-follow, keyword & comment luv movement on my site as well. I saw a brief spike in traffic, but it seems to have dropped off. How has it worked out for you?
    .-= James@Photographer´s last blog ..Time on my Hands =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      James – although those tools definitely help I think it’s still important to comment on other blogs because people tend to feel the need to be reciprocal. I know I try to as often as possible.

  • Zsymo @ Plumber Putney London

    Thanks for explaining DoFollow, Keyword Luv & CommentLuv. Keyword Luv is great because you can reward your commenters with keywords and at the same time see their names which makes it look less spammy. Best of both worlds.
    .-= Zsymo @ Plumber Putney London´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  • Adam@Interesting Articles

    I have keywordluv on a few of my sites and the traffic really spikes for a while, but it is all traffic going toward your plugin, so be careful not to just do keywordluv as means of advertising. Great site thought. Props
    .-= Adam@Interesting Articles´s last blog ..Most Bought Vehicle of All Time =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Adam – I agree, it does seem a lot of my newer traffic is coming here for the KeyWord luv. I may have to become more selective with what I am allowing as a comment as some people certainly seem to be taking advantage of it without truly contributing to conversation.

  • James@Photographer

    Agreed – that helps. I’m not the biggest Twitter user, but I notice a little self promotion works well, too.
    .-= James@Photographer´s last blog ..Sunday =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      James – I still haven’t figured out an authentic way to self promote on Twitter; though it’s something I am trying to figure out for myself. How do you do it?

  • Ken Lordi

    I am also using KeywordLuv to add “follow” links to my site. If anyone wants to participate just visit my site at which is running several WordPress plugins. Those that participate will be rewarded with a “follow” link to their site. All you need to do is just leave a comment at under the existing “Do Follow Blog, Comment Luv, Keyword Luv” post.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Ken – will check it out!

  • Darrin@tampa bankruptcy

    These plugins are really needed for the hour. Webmasters install them on their blog but spammers really take advantage of it. I have it in my blog as well, but this will definitely increase the moderation time. But in my personal opinion its highly helpful.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Darrin – it does increase admin time to a certain extent. I still manually go through anything captured by Askimet as it’s not 100% accurate. From time to time there is a comment captured that I feel is actually not spam. But on the most part I think the benefits outweigh the negatives with having the plug-ins installed. Especially if you are a serious blogger.

  • shaw@san diego movers

    As long as the comments actually contribute something worthwhile to your site, then I am all for dofollow!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Shaw – agreed. I def like to see that the comments are applicable to the post. Though often it is easy to see which ones aren’t. Spammers may get better at it but for now many of them are too transparent. :-)

  • Daryl

    Wow, absolutely helpful post. I didn’t know about the CommentLuv. Thanks for introducing me to it!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Daryl – you will love CommentLuv – it has many great benefits.

  • Daryl

    Michelle, already signed up for it and have begun posting comments…I like the benefit of the reciprocal comments, and I’ve found some cool content I might not have otherwise found!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Daryl – I am so with you there! It has def. been a great way for me to find new content! That’s how I found some of my favorite blogs!

  • Nick@Email Marketing Companies

    Thanks for helping get the word out Michelle. Keyword/comment Luv are a great combo. I have heard differing opinions on traffic generation and benefit of the links. Let me know what experiences you may have had. I’d love to hear about them.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Nick – so far I’d have to say that my experience with both have been 98% positive. I do get more spam comments but I know how to trash them. For me, the benefits greatly outweigh the extra spam!

  • Marko

    I installed Comment Luv but I am not very glad with the amount of comments until now. Greetings from Germany!
    .-= Marko´s last blog ..Bericht zur Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse 2010 =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Marko – hello from WI to Germany! Are you getting more comments now because of CommentLuv?

  • Alfred

    Does Keyword Luv help with SEO at all? Because honestly, that would be the only reason I’d be interested.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Not sure if it helps with SEO, I believe that it does not.


    That is a great idea and thanks for your post. Its starting to make much more sense now after I’ve been doing the research on my own.

    Thanks for the link.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Glad I could help!

  • greenlants@Free Microsoft Points

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve just recently learned about all the things you were talking about, I’m mainly concentrating on KeywordLuv. 😀 Thanks for posting the 2 links under the dofollow directories, I use the most, if you haven’t submitted your site there you should, I really like your site! I also use an “all-in-one” type SEO tool, SEO For Firefox. Seems like everywhere I look when I surf now, I see nofollow links everywhere (and I usually cringe) :P.


    • Michelle Mangen

      Greenlants – I’m not sure that most people realize the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow and if they do they may not be aware that WordPress is NoFollow by default. Do hope that an upcoming version of WP will make it easier to make the change without the use of a PlugIn.

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  • Fishing Charters Lake Michigan

    Comment Luv is one of my secret weapons as an SEOer. I use the search term “title=”CommentLuv Enabled”” fishing charter in google to find targeted blogs utilizing comment luv to build links and market my site. Very valuable little secret as a marketer!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Ohhhhh that is an awesome tip and def one I was not aware of! I will def try that out!

  • James@Social Media Website

    Very interesting and useful post. Indeed, Social Media websites and these plugins can boost the traffic of a site. However, another difficult task is to grow your links without trigger the spam module, integrated in search engines. With a high amount of links from the same type of site, you can be marked as spammer.
    .-= James@Social Media Website´s last blog ..Nwe Affordable Asus Seashell Eee PC 1201T – Ultraportable Asus Notebook =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      James – what do you mean about “high amount of links from the same type of site”?

  • Chris

    For the most part people leave relevant comments. It’s worth the activity commentluv brings to a website dealing with filtering comments. I use it on all my sites. Thanks :-)
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Chris – I agree it’s worth the activity it brings to a site!

  • Lee @ Traffic Ultimatum Bonus

    I agree that most people do not know the difference between DoFoll0w and NoFollow and I have to admit that I am one of them. It’s been explained to me before but for some reason I’m still confused.

    However, I must say that I’m proud of myself for finally getting the KeywordLuv and CommentLuv sorted out and I’m even loving it.
    .-= Lee @ Traffic Ultimatum Bonus´s last blog ..Affiliate Marketing at Its Best =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Lee – Yeah to getting it figured out!

  • Crystal@Car Donation Minnesota

    I am thrilled that you are now using both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. We are big fans of both and use them on all our blogs.

  • Menorca Holiday Guide

    These plugins have worked our really well for me on my sites. They are great for inviting discussion, plus the website gets unique content, and the commentator gets a back link.

    • Michelle Mangen


  • Chicago Honda Dealers

    Those plugins are great for bloggers! And they get something in return for commenting and adding an input to the topic. Great way to go!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Chicago Honda – indeed a great way to go for adding to your blogging community.

  • Herborium HBRM Stock Analysis

    Follow Blog, Keyword Luv,Comment Luv & Top Commenters are superb concepts, interlinking is what the web is all about essentially! However they still need to be moderated to get rid off the crap comments like thanks for the post or great blog
    .-= Herborium HBRM Stock Analysis´s last blog ..Health Stock Report: AcuMedSpa Holdings, Inc. (AMSZ) =-.

  • Al@wedding anniversary gifts

    Thanks for the keyword and commentluv, much appreciated! And lovely site by the way.
    .-= Al@wedding anniversary gifts´s last blog ..Derek Daisey’s Songs Featured In Book Trailers =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Al – thanks for stopping by!

  • Diana@Cancer Treatment Center

    Follow Blog, Keyword Luv,Comment Luv and Top Commenters are superb ideas, linking documents is what the web is all about essentially!

  • Madeline@Bay Window Curtains

    Thanks Michelle for sharing these stuff. I am not actually familiar how this KeywordLuv will work.. Thanks again for sharing how to use it.
    .-= Madeline@Bay Window Curtains´s last blog ..Bay Window Curtains: Don’t Forget About Curtain Rods =-.

  • lulu

    I’ve recently come to know about CommentLuv, it’ s pretty cool and does encourage other bloggers or site owners to post. Plus you get the added benefit of a link 😉

  • bob ong quotes

    i just learned about comment luv. and its really helpful with fellow bloggers
    .-= bob ong quotes´s last blog ..Bugtong na may sagot II =-.

  • terry@flint divorce attorney

    Thanks to the keywordluv plugin, my site is now
    moving up on Google. I can now be found on the
    4th page of google using a combination of any 2
    of my search words.

  • Costa Blanca Travel Guide

    I’m just learning about keywordluv and commentluv. I do not think I can use them on my blog because it is a blogspot blog but I have removed nofollow. Seems to be the best that I can do at the moment.

  • Dustin @ Baby Bag Backpack

    Great looking site and thanks for adding these plugins! I just added them recently to my site and they rule! More posts and your site plus backlinks for people posting so everyone wins! You just have to keep an eye on spammers, but Askimet does a pretty good job of taking care of that from my experience. Thanks again!
    .-= Dustin @ Baby Bag Backpack´s last blog ..How big of a diaper bag do I need? =-.

  • Steve@Distance Learning Degrees

    Without KeywordLuv, it will be a lot of hard work and using much time to find blogs that allow dofollow tags for backlinks. Having said that I also noticed many blogs with the plugin turn off dofollow. This is because of too much useless spam of 1 or 2 words comments. So if you want more blog owners to turn on dofollow, please write useful and constructive comments. This will benefit everyone doing internet marketing. – Online Education

    • Michelle Mangen

      Steve – I agree that it does result in some extra spam but I know Askimet is looking out for me. As for the one or two word comments…I’ll trash them if I find it necessary.

  • surgeon

    I’m thinking about added comment and keyword Luv to one of my blogs after seeing great results from my friends. Although it is a bit of work to monitor the comments but it is well worth it for the links. As Michelle stated, with aksimat installed it does keep most of the spam comments at bay.

    • Michelle Mangen

      And today – for the first time ever Askimet didn’t catch two — but I know how to hit the “spam” button. :-)

  • Tom

    Hi Michelle,

    I agree that keywordluv can and quite often does have a positive effect on the blog on which it is installed, it drives more traffic and encorouges people to post for there own benefit, thus creating new content for the blog page.

    Do you think Google will ever clamp down on the positive effect of blog commenting?

    • Michelle Mangen

      Tom – with all things good comes the bad and it does increase the spam :-)

  • diocelin@website design münchen

    My favorite plugin is keyword luv because it enables us to use our real name and the keyword we are optimizing. It makes commenting more fun because we get to see the real names of the people who conversate with each other through comments.

  • Ajith Edassery

    I own a dofollow blog directory as well. It’s pretty easy to locate categories there and it even have a commenting helper feature. Please check out my Dofollow blogs directory.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Ajith – thanks for providing the link to your DoFollow directory. Will check it out.

  • Kragor@Engineered wood flooring

    Ajith thanks for the link 2 its very helpful.
    Also Michelle thanks for providing all of this.

    • Michelle Mangen

      You’re most welcome. :-)

  • Joel Walters @ Internet Marketing Consultant

    Hey Michelle, I love the way you lay out your posts, your style of writing is very fluent. I have had trouble with the dofollow addon for firefox, and so far have only found one other plugin that works The dofollow plugin from Scott Millar). I’m stoked to find another one that works, thanks for sharing!!

    Joel Walters.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Joel – you are welcome.

  • Luke@SEO Coeur d’ Alene

    love love luv keywordluv. it makes do following links so much easier and let you interact with other people in your field throughthe web while at the same time benefitting you without having to build “professional” linking relationships.


    I am actually thinking about installing this plugin to my blogs. But I am just wary about attracting more spammers. But I think I’ll try it out on some of my blogs and see if it has advantage for me. Thanks.

  • Carl@SEO Nottingham

    Try using Askimet along with Sabre, this should stop most spam.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Carl – will check out Sabre, have not heard of it before.

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