How a Cyberstalker Made Me a Better Person

by Michelle Mangen on May 6, 2014

in My Journey

Update as of November 2, 2014: Despite having a permanent  Protection Order as of May 2, 2014 Leslie Rogers of Spokane, WA continues to electronically monitor and harass me and third parties connected to me all of which are direct violations of the court order.

The first known contact Leslie Rogers made to me was through Facebook using the name of Chris O’Leary on Dec. 12, 2012. That Facebook profile was created on August 25, 2012. I’m drawing the conclusion that she started gathering data on me long before she sent me the Dec. 12, 2012 messages. Those messages went directly to my spam folder and I didn’t find them until Sept. 8, 2014.

Her first known tweets to me were on June 21, 2013. Did she possibly send other tweets to me and I just missed them due to the inherent pace of Twitter? I believe it’s very likely. The ironic part is that I almost entirely missed the June 21-24, 2013 tweets which are what made me aware I had a “problem”.

Unfortunately this means she was gathering information on me and monitoring what I said, who I said it to, etc. long before I realized what was happening.

Please note that although her legal name is Leslie Rogers she also goes by Kellie Rogers, Kellie Ruggerio and Kellie Levy. She lives in Spokane, WA but is from Sandpoint, ID and claims to live in Vancouver, BC.

Of course, as you can imagine, she doesn’t use any of her real “names” when she creates Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or email accounts.

To date she’s created: (these numbers may actually be higher since she doesn’t always contact me through the accounts she creates)

  • 39 different Twitter accounts
  • 22 different Facebook accounts
  • 3 different G+ accounts

Below is a list of all of the known various personas she’s adopted to date. Without a doubt, she’ll continue making up new names and new accounts. If you’re contacted by any strange accounts referencing me, my attorney (Sarah Cuellar), etc. please take screenshots and contact me.

  • Jill Logan
  • Nikki (another person she harassed in 2012 & early 2013)
  • Kristine Perkins
  • Marshall Tate
  • Tate Marshall
  • Selene Lemercier
  • Various accounts in my name (regular and “backwards” spelling of my name)
  • Various accounts in my son’s name (“backwards” spelling of my son’s name)
  • Chris O’Leary
  • Bobby Blank
  • Rhonda
  • Katie Miller
  • Michael (Marty) Shaw
  • Mick Hawn
  • Alex Ryan (woman)
  • Ryan Warren
  • Ryen Warren
  • Jillie Peterson
  • Jillie Ryan
  • Jon Kemp
  • Becky Feehan
  • Becky Steele
  • Cara Morrow
  • Tucker Wilson
  • Deidre Leary
  • Kylie Peterson
  • Candi Adams
  • Jon Harris
  • Mollie Sims
  • Shaun Stewart
  • Eric Connor
  • Eric Jae
  • Catie Peterson
  • S Harris
  • Nicolet
  • Other random, non-sensical names (e.g. FancyFeetFool, ZodiacFacts10, LoveEvilEnigma, etc.)


I like my life. A lot.  Of course, there are things, in my life, that could be improved – such as my son not leaving his dirty socks laying in random places or the mess of shoes that lurks at the front door. I also haven’t been to a dance, zumba or yoga in over two months. But at the heart of it all – I’m surrounded by people who care a great deal about me and I’m blessed with a thriving virtual assistant business.

cyberstalker is the last thing I expected.

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  • Tess Strand

    Love you Michelle!! You’re so strong – respect! XOXO

    • Michelle Mangen

      Tess, thank you for being such a pillar of strength for me during all of this. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

  • Heather and Steve Ostrom

    Oh @mmangen:disqus what a “crazy” long journey. You have always been fabulous, but I am glad you’re saying “yes” to yourself and your health (and quality of life). Hugs my friend and you’re an awesome lady. <3 – Heather O

    • Michelle Mangen

      Heather, it has been quite the journey. I’m looking forward to using this stressful story to helping others become safer online as well as hopefully helping anyone who may be the target of Leslie/Kellie’s in the future.

  • mistybelardo

    I love that even through all the chaos that this person has done, you have found a positive lesson. Stay strong. You are an inspiration to me and to a lot of people.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Misty, thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing this post. I <3 you!

  • Sara F. Hawkins

    I hope you realize how powerful and helpful this is to so many. In those 11 months when you had to watch your every word, I can’t imagine how you must have felt in that silence. But those who are facing similar experiences thank you for your due diligence and for now speaking out. I hope this is a new beginning for you.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Sara, thank you my friend! The watching every word, as a person who is really open and transparent, was one of the hardest things I experienced the last few months. (especially since I use Twitter for business). I do believe this is indeed a new beginning for me!

  • Lee Drozak

    I am still totally amazed at how you made it through the process. You are one of the nicest people I know who totally did not deserve this. Now it’s time to get into bitch mode and serve up a little payback.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Lee, thank you so much for saying that you think I’m one of the nicest people you know. This is fight is not necessarily for me.

  • AS48

    I’m so glad you posted this. This may help someone else in the future to face down and defeat their own “Crazy Pants”,

    • Michelle Mangen

      Thank you so much my friend! (BTW glad you tipped me off on the incredibly adorable puppy!)

      • AS48

        You’re welcome – I’m so glad to see you getting some closure (hopefully) on this. Puppy…all 100 lbs of him…he’s my monsterdog. Keeps the house safe. We have a sticker on the front door (and the van) – “you might get in….but you won’t get out!” (grin)

        • Michelle Mangen

          That is so cute! What breed is he? I miss my dog. It’s so hard to find a place in FL to rent that allows for pets. The sticker…is he a lover?

          • AS48

            He’s a Boxer-Shepherd mix. We got him at a shelter when he was just a baby, so he’s always been ours – his name is Barney. :-) He’s a lover to me and people I know, but he scares the heck out of anyone trying to come into the house – he’s got a huge, deep, aggressive bark, and I am quite certain he’d rip the arm off anyone who tried to get in without my permission. Anyone entering the house has to submit to the Barney inspection – they have to stand still, ignore him and let him check them out, and no sudden moves until he’s ok with them. If I act at all uncertain about who’s at the door, he’s ready to take them out. Sounds scary, but I lived alone with my kids for years before moving in as my mom’s caregiver – I needed a watchdog.

  • Tayloe Marketing

    No pun intended, but that is just ‘Crazy’. Glad this is over for you Michelle, and most of all, I am sure your clients will be happy to have you back. Best to you, and thank you for sharing.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Brad, thanks so much for reading and commenting. It has been quite a “Crazy” ride!

  • triciacardone

    Michelle, you are an incredibly brave and strong lady! I so admire your strength…I can only imagine how difficult this time has been for you! I always believe that everything happens for a reason (even though we may be wondering what that reason is for quite some time!) and I just know that something fantastic is going to come out of all of this…You will help so many! You are an inspiration!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Trish, thanks so much for all you’ve done for me with my health that’s become an integrated part of this story/journey. Something fantastic is going to come of this, that I know!

  • Patricia Marcero

    Thanks for turning this crazy experience into a positive one for yourself and others. Hoping Crazy Pants learns about karma really soon :-)

    • Michelle Mangen

      Pat, I do believe in karma (sometimes it takes so long though!)

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  • Mary Ann

    Great article… like it. You are warning others the perils of social media gone sour.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Mary Ann, social can be a good thing but it can certainly have a “dark” side.

  • Michelle Mangen

    thank you for reading and commenting :)

  • Tammy’s Office Solutions

    Great article Michelle, thanks for your willingness to share it. I know you must have been through so much and although you share bits of it, I cannot even imagine.

    You mentioned that it began on Twitter, but do you have advice for everyone regarding what to do and not do on social media to be safe? I am sure there is more to come in your story and I look forward to it, but I would appreciate pointers and what to watch out for. Thanks for being willing to tell the rest of us.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Tammy, I replied on G+ too but I’m also going to copy/paste my answer from G+ here so other readers can see the answer. :)

      I have several that immediately come to mind: pay the extra $8-10 for your domain privacy, get a PO box if in business, get and use a Google Voice number. Be super cautious about Foursquare, don’t publicly post things on Facebook and select the option to review (and manually approve/deny) tags your friends make on Facebook…be very selective when approving ones your friends publicly make, don’t refer to your children by name….how’s that for a good start :)

  • Michelle Mangen

    Lillian, it’s def been both scary and crazy! (and what I’ve shared here, in this post, is just a teeny tiny bit of what’s happened).

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