Combine data in two different cells into one in Excel

Combining two different cells in Excel to have all info in one cell

This Excel formula is really handy, especially if you have a first and last name in two different cells and want to combine them into just one cell so instead of:

  • Column A=First Name
  • Column B=Last Name
  • You will now have Column C=First name and last name

Once you are finished with the “merge” (not a true merge by Excel standards). You will most likely want to delete your original columns but need to have that data as constant data instead of formulated data.

Video Tutorial:

How to combine your data from two different cells into one:

  • In a blank column enter in the following formula: A2&” “&B2 (This is presuming your data is starting in Row 2)
  • **NOTE** there is a space between the “quote marks” in the formula above
  • Copy this formula down into all other applicable cells
  • You are finished!

Okay, want to make that data constant so you can delete your original columns (in this case Column A & B)?

  • Make sure you have a blank column to put the data
  • Highlight the entire column with the combined data>Copy
  • Move to appropriate blank cell in the new, blank column you just inserted
  • Right Click and Chose “Paste Special” >then chose “Values”

When you delete Columns A&B you will see the data in Column D (in this example) is still intact.

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    Very informative video, extremely easy to follow and understand. When someone tries to explain something by typing I can never get it, videos are the way ! :)
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    • Michelle Mangen

      Dave – thanks for the comment. With the Excel tips I have found them to be more useful when they are video vs just typing. Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it. And I’m totally going to stop by your blog as I love to find contractors using the internet to market! So hats off to you!

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    • Michelle Mangen

      Jean – absolutely! It’s my intent to have at least one how to video on Excel each week in 2010. I have so many of them running around in my head…it’s just a matter of taking the time to record all of them and uploading to YouTube.

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    simple and clearly explained, now i know a solution for this excell problem.
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