How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant?

Become A Virtual AssistantI love being a Virtual Assistant and I’m often approached by other women who are looking to work from home and want information on becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Today, Dec. 1, 2012, is my four year business birthday. In four years I’ve been asked, “How do I become a Virtual Assistant?” countless times and it seems due time to do a blog post about it.

Reasons why people want to know more about offering Virtual Assistant Services:

  • Have been unemployed (or under-employed) for too long
  • Have young children and the cost of daycare prohibits working outside the home
  • Need additional income
  • Hate their job but know now is not the time to look due to high unemployment rates
  • They want to work from home to reduce travel expenses and driving time
  • Any many, many more – typically very personal ones

Seven Resources for Becoming a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Buy this ebook: Become a Virtual Assistant (Read my review)
  2. Join the Virtual Assistant Forums (and regularly participate in, or start, discussions)
  3. Check out the free ebook, training videos and more on VA Networking
  4. Join any of the Virtual Assistant groups on LinkedIn (and regularly participate in, or start, discussions)
  5. Join IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Association)
  6. Set up a profile at Virtual Assistantville
  7. Sign up for this Virtual Assistant Business Jumpstart Course (on-demand/six modules with lots of freebies!)

And, of course, there is Google. You can gain a lot of knowledge by researching other Virtual Assistant Websites. Some have rates displayed, nearly all will have a services list (great for those “ah-ha” moments!)

Buying the ebook is the best place to start. It’s so detailed and includes exercises to help you determine if being a Virtual Assistant is really for you.  If you have questions after reading it, I’d love to have you write me a note.


Have you been wondering "How Do I Start A Virtual Assistant Business? or "How To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?".

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  • flyingcolour

    thanks for the post about your success. It will help me in setting targets i guess. 😛

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