Add the Twitter icon to your Facebook Fan Page

by Michelle Mangen on September 7, 2009

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Steps to add the Twitter icon to your Facebook Fan Page

Update March 10, 2011: Facebook has depreciated the “Static FBML” app that was used below in these instructions. There is another free alternative available and you can find that at V3 Integrated Marketing’s site.

Adding the Twitter icon to your page is a great way to cross-promote your presence on other Social Media websites.

  1. Go to
  2. Put in your user name (this will automatically update the HTML code in the boxes)
  3. Pick your desired icon by highlighting and copying the HTML code it gives you (make sure it shows justactnatual in the code as every once in awhile it won’t update properly)
  4. Go to your FaceBook Fan Page – at the very bottom, left side of the screen you should see the “applications” button – click that and then search STATIC FBML
  5. When STATIC FBML comes up click “add to page” – it should bring up a pop-up that gives you a choice of what page to add to (personal, fanpage, etc) – Click your fanpage
  6. It should then bring you to a box to edit the FBML – this is where you paste in the code you copied from Step #3
  7. Save
  8. At your home page of your FanPage you will see a tab at the top that says “Boxes”
  9. You should see your Follow me on Twitter on that page and in the right hand corner of the Follow me on Twitter you should see a pencil – click the pencil
  10. When you click the pencil you should see the option to “Move to Wall Tab” – select that
  11. It should now be on the left sidebar of your FanPage

If you decide following these steps are not for you contact a Virtual Assistant, such as myself, to assist you with this process.

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  • Lauren W

    Once I select “add to page” and select my Fan Page, I don’t get the pop up to paste the code. I’ve tried in Firefox, and Safari. Any suggestions? Thx!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Hi Lauren:

      I’ll send you an email so I can help you out more!


  • Dawn

    Great job with the video Michelle ~ Kudos!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Dawn! Thanks bunches for watching the video and commenting on my post!

  • Lucy

    This worked perfectly! Thank you for the valuable tip.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Lucy – I’m glad it worked out well for you! Thank you so much for commenting on the blog as well.

  • Anita Hicks

    HI there! I am really loving your newsletter! It immediately sent me the info. I’d been thinking about on how to add my twitter to my facebook. I have a ?? – do you know if I link the 2 accounts together – will I still be able to use socialoomph to auto my tweets?

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  • Ching Ya

    I was just reading about STATIC FBML yesterday and impressed with what it can do to Facebook! I really need to start thinking about what can I do for my fan page. This is a nice tip and I’m going to bookmark this. Somehow I have a feeling it will become handy very soon! :-) Nice to meet you, I was directed here from Hesham’s blog.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How To Autopost from Multiple Blogs To Your Facebook Fan Page =-.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Ching – you can do some great things with Static FBML though it doesn’t always work like it is supposed to. I also discovered today that you can set up an ecommerce store in Facebook as well, which I am excited to try out.

      • Ching Ya

        ecommerce store? Wow, that I never expected. Do let us know how’s the outcome. :) Great find, Michelle!

        Social/Blogging Tracker
        .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How To Autopost from Multiple Blogs To Your Facebook Fan Page =-.

        • Michelle Mangen

          I am looking forward to trying the ecommece store on FB. One of my clients has products he sells so he’s going to be my guinea pig! He is excited that I’m going to try it on his page. I’ll let you know how easy I find it to work with.

  • Samantha

    Hi Michelle,

    Your instructions are very helpful! but when I go onto STATIC FBML and choose the fan page, I don’t get the box to enter the code for the icon, so an empty box shows up on our facebook page… what am I doing wrong?


    • Michelle Mangen

      Hi Samantha – sorry for the delayed response. Sometimes the FBML box acts weird.

      Go back to edit your fan page and when you are at the “main” edit page (for the Fan Page) scroll down to the FBML box you added and select the “edit” link there. It should bring back up the box to add in your HTML.

      If it is still acting weird wait a few days and try again. I had the problem about two weeks ago as did another friend and then suddenly it worked again (several days later).

  • Julie Weishaar

    Thanks so much for the easy-to-follow directions. If I can understand them – anyone can LOL. I did have one issue with the code not working the first time – thanks for pointing that out.

    • Michelle Mangen

      Julie – it’s probably one of the most frequent questions I get (about the Static FBML box not working). :-)

  • Tracey

    When I go to my fan page, i dont see the applications button. I know facebook changed the layout and look, so maybe its different now? I just dont see the applications button to put in to put the STATIC FBML. please help!

    • Michelle Mangen

      Tracey – while at your fan page – go to edit and then scroll down to the very, very bottom and you will see “browse for more applications”.

      Find the Static FBML and kind of go from there to install on your page.

      If I am not understanding your question – feel free to shoot me an email.

  • Joel@hgh

    Never heard of Twittericon earlier, Good tips. I suppose there is also a native app from twitter to add twitter stuff sync with facebook.

  • Michelle Mangen

    Eric – thanks for stopping by to mention that App. I haven’t heard of that one. I’ve used Involver’s free app on my own page to much success.

  • Adrienne

    Yeah Facebook changed it so much that I can’t follow either. I have the “Static FBML Builder” and “FBML Tab Maker” in my apps lists, but they don’t do much other than add tabs that link to nothing. Not sure what to do at this point. Yours is the best instruction I can find though!

  • Michelle Mangen

    Check the top of the post — a lot has changed with Facebook since the original post was made. I linked to another post with new apps.

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